All the tools you need to manage all your devices
in just one platform.

Manage your digital equipment in a simple and intuitive way from a single online tool. idruide offers you a unified and secure management solution for digital devices, compatible with all operating systems (Android, Windows and Apple).

All the tools you need to manage
all your devices in just one platform

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
Easily and securely manage all your devices, mobile and fixed, whether they belong to your school or to the student (BYOD). Stonehenge is an online software (SaaS solution) for unified and secure management of your devices, accessible at any time from an Internet connection.
Bring your own device (BYOD)
BYOD devices are owned by an individual. Administer the educational workspace of the BYOD device while the personal spaces remain private. Therefore, the educational sphere is managed in complete safety, whether the student is in class or at home.
Mobile Application Management (MAM)
Manage applications through the different stores (Google Play Store, Microsoft Store for Business and Education, App Store) and create personalized catalogs based on users’ profiles. Remotely deploy the applications of your choice on all devices.
Automatic mass enrollment
Facilitate the mass enrollment of mobile or fixed devices : once connected to the Internet network, the device automatically enrolls in the UEM and loads the parameters you have predefined. Operational on all operating systems (Android, Windows, Apple), this tool is fully automated.
Creation of establishments and nomenclatures
Simply create schools, levels, classes, student and teacher profiles even if you don’t have an ENT. Save time by automatically assigning your devices to your workforce in different classes.
Mobile Information Management (MIM)
The unified endpoint management tool enables identity federation or bulk import of your identities from your ENT, Office 365 or G Suite accounts. With Single Sign-on (SSO), the users only authenticate once to access multiple systems or applications.
Interconnexion with the school’s identity provider (ENT)
Automatically update school nomenclatures. Users can log into mobile devices with their ENT ID while storing work and documents in the ENT cloud. Stonehenge is the first UEM on the European market to incorporate a nomenclature specific to education.
Security management
Ensure full protection with a unified approach to security. It encompasses both users and their data, the network, the device and the applications. With our UEM, you will be able to manage restrictions, application configuration, or the quality of passwords.

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Our agnostic technologies run on the three most widely used operating systems in the world.
A concrete and effective commitment to facilitate access to digital.
From Lollipop (v. 5)
From Windows 10
MacOS, iOS & iPadOS

All our products are GDPR compliant

The GDPR embodies fundamental rights for citizens of the digital world.
Therefore, our tools and services have a duty to respect all the protections that the GDPR guarantees.

A specialist registered with the CNIL

The data protection officer is the external control officer who ensures the compliance of all processing.

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Communicate simply and directly with our team : [email protected] or [email protected]

Transparency on all processing

All our treatments are accessible and declared. This allows the tracking and complete control of your data.

Train you to the good practices

We support you in bringing your digital uses into compliance in order to guarantee the legal framework for your users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the UEM Stonehenge ?

Contact our sales teams, who will assist you in the process.

How can I install Stonehenge ?

idruide teams support you throughout your digital project. We guide you in configuring the Stonehenge platform according to your prerogatives (nomenclature of identities, catalog of applications, management of security rules, deployment campaign, etc.) and in the installation of our digital solution.

How does the enrollment of a device work : tablet, computer, smartphone ?

Device enrollment connects computer hardware to the UEM Stonehenge platform. There are several enrollment methods depending on the material chosen (Zero Touch Enrollment, PED, Autopilot, QR Code, DPC Identifier, enrollment key), which are more or less time consuming. Our teams support you and guide you in your choices to enroll your fleet of mobile devices in the most appropriate way to fill your needs.

Can the administrator manage everything remotely ?

Yes, everything can be managed remotely. If the equipment is connected to an Internet network, the administrator can send orders to the devices, retrieve reports, and configuration actions can be launched.

Is your assistance service available 24/7 ?

Yes. Go directly to the [email protected] platform and find articles, videos, tutorials and other procedures that answer your questions. Our team is at your disposal to assist you as soon as you feel the need.

Do you train administrators to use idruide’s solution ?

We offer a specific training and support program so that all administrators and their teams are fully autonomous in their use of Stonehenge. Our training programs provided by our operational team adapt to different levels depending on your profile, whether you are an academy IT engineer, an institution's IT referent or an IT teacher.

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