Use digital tools in your classroom and
increase the educational potential of the tablet.

Liven up your class and control students’ connected devices, whether they belong to the school or in BYOD. Available on Android, Windows and Apple, it helps you to do class, to support students even in the event of a network cut, and it ensures educational continuity.

Tools that unleash the digital power in your classroom
and simplify the use of any device.

In class / remote
Teach in person in your school or remotely when your students have to study from their home. Animate your courses in all circumstances, with document presentations or the possibility to share resources from your computer or tablet.
Automatic call of student devices
Save time managing your classroom by making a call digitally. Roome automatically connects the student's tablet to the teacher's one in each class session. You can instantly see who is present, who is absent.
Self-deployment and opening of apps
Easily install and open any app you want for the whole class, at any time. Roome automatically installs and opens the chosen applications whether or not they are already available on students’ devices.
Application of restrictions
Keep your students' attention by instantly applying the restrictions of your choice across all devices in your classroom. Activate or deactivate the camera, audio, microphone, web browser and screen locks in a single touch.
Screen sharing
Share your screen on a connected whiteboard or your students' tablets in a single gesture. The teacher can also share a student's screen with the whole class.
Instant content sharing
Share documents, photos and other links with the whole class at any time and on an ephemeral basis. Roome is part of a sustainable development approach by allowing you to move away with photocopies.
Classroom management without the Internet
Keep doing class even without the Internet. Once the Roome application is launched, if the Internet connection is lost, functions that do not require it are maintained, such as restrictions, content sharing, opening of textbooks, or even notifications.
Notifications in the event of anomalies on student tablets
Be notified when a device is not used according to your instructions or in the event of an anomaly : when a student is not on the current application, if their device is disconnected from the Internet, if the device has run out of battery, or if the screen is off.
Creation of student groups
You can easily create groups of students to whom you can assign specific content. With Roome, it’s easier to understand the capacities and varied learning methods of your students. The app takes into account the challenges of differentiated pedagogy.
Management of digital textbooks
Open any textbook to the page you want with one click, for all devices in your classroom. Access more than 4000 French digital textbook references via the Manual application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to animate your class and promote the use of tablets ?

Students' means of communication are changing, as are their digital apprehensions. With Roome, animating your class is easy with quick access to content and screen sharing. Roome allows you to promote the use of tablets by including them in a pedagogical process designed for the exchange of knowledge.

How do you get your class’s attention back ?

If your class’s attention wears off, you can apply restrictions on student devices from your tablet or computer : blocking the camera, audio, or the Internet access. You can also block their tablet entirely.

Can I use differentiated pedagogy ?

Roome takes into account the challenges of differentiated pedagogy. The application allows you to create groups of levels in your sessions and to perform specific actions for each (launch an application, open a digital manual...).

Can I take control of a student's tablet at home from a distance ?

Yes, Roome allows you to take control of a student's tablet, even from a distance. But if the device belongs to the student, you only have access to his educational space (the one in connection with the school). His personal space will remain private.

Do I need training to use Roome and manage my classroom ?

idruide offers a short training course to use Roome and master all of its aspects. This service is provided by our operational team. In just a few hours, you will learn about the different features of the application and its educational uses.

Can I project my screen on a connected whiteboard ?

It is possible to project the image on the screen of your tablet to another device, such as a digital whiteboard. To do this, you just need to make sure that the device is compatible with the hardware you have. You can also project a student's screen.

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