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The multi-OS suite of IT solutions managing Android, Windows and Apple mobile devices fleet in a single endpoint.

We can do many things, But we’re the best to help you to…

Mobile device management, Stonehenge
Control all mobile devices from a single platform.
Our MDM saves time in administering apps, identities, and security policies for all devices, students, and teachers.
Manage with Stonehenge
Internet filtering, Web Secure
Secure online browsing anytime, anywhere.
Our online solution without dedicated hardware filters web browsing from all devices inside and outside schools.
Filtering with Web Secure
Classroom Management, Roome
Manage and animate the digital classroom.
Animate your class and promote the use of students' connected devices, including BYOD, and ensure pedagogical continuity both face-to-face and remotely.
Animate digital classroom
Digital bookstore, Manuel
Open a digital textbook in no time !
As a true digital binder, our solution centralizes all the textbooks installed on tablets, computers and smartphones in a single application.
Discover Manuel, the digital centralised bookstore

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A powerful ecosystem

4 simple solutions in
a complete and
efficient suite

Stonehenge, Web Secure, Roome and Manuel all work in harmony to help you meet all the challenges of digital mobility. Whereas at school, at work or anywhere else, our solutions enrich your uses and your tools.
Security & GDPR

We protect your data as
if it were our own.

For idruide, the respect of personal data is a conviction, especially when it regards underage students. This is why we are at the forefront when it comes to complying with European standards of GDPR and web filtering.
Multi-OS: Android, Windows & Apple

We love technology.
All the technology.

Do not change your habits, idruide adapts to you. Our solutions are compatible with the most widely used operating systems in the world.
Support and simplify the digital transition

We support you
from the conception of the project to deployment,
until its full success.

Our teams support you throughout your project. They’re here to help you target your needs, implement them and ensure the necessary follow-up until your digital transition is completely successful.

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