Web Secure

Protect the users by filtering the Internet inside
and outside your establishment.

Web Secure protects the institution and its users by filtering browsing on the Internet, on all devices and all networks. Installing Web Secure is easy and works without dedicated hardware : it works from a single key link.

Filtering technology that protects every user
and their mobile device while on the move.

Different levels of web filtering
Filter content directly on your devices or via the Wifi network. Choose different levels of filtering from the three available : none, moderate and strict. Based on the reference list of the French University of Toulouse 1, the filters are continuously increased and improved by feedback from our academic partners.
Exceptions in filtering
Control access to content that students view and block those of your choice. You can decide to filter certain websites according to time slots, for example blocking Tik Tok, Snapchat and other social networks during school hours, but freeing them when the student returns home.
Quick setup
Easily install Web Secure from a single Internet link. Gain speed by avoiding the use of new equipment.
Traceability of websites visited
Track the websites visited by users and study the needs and habits of your users. In strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), all browsing data is kept for 13 months.
Security, performance and confidentiality
Ensure user privacy and security by preventing outside interference and manipulation of Domain Name System (DNS) data with DoH (DNS over HTTPS) protocol. These are encrypted via the HTTPS system.
Filtered search engines
By default, enable Google's Safesearch feature or its equivalents on other search engines. This filter automatically blocks images, videos and websites that may offend users. Save time setting up your online security !

Do you have a heterogeneous set of devices ?
We put everyone in agreement !

Our agnostic technologies run on the three most widely used operating systems in the world.
A concrete and effective commitment to facilitate access to digital.
From Lollipop (v. 5)
From Windows 10
MacOS, iOS & iPadOS

All our products are GDPR compliant

The GDPR embodies fundamental rights for citizens of the digital world.
Therefore, our tools and services have a duty to respect all the protections that the GDPR guarantees.

A specialist registered with the CNIL

The data protection officer is the external control officer who ensures the compliance of all processing.

A privileged contact

Communicate simply and directly with our team : [email protected] or [email protected]

Transparency on all processing

All our treatments are accessible and declared. This allows the tracking and complete control of your data.

Train you to the good practices

We support you in bringing your digital uses into compliance in order to guarantee the legal framework for your users.

Why did they choose Web Secure ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which websites does Web Secure filter ?

Among others, Web Secure is mainly based on the reference list established and updated by the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole. It identifies a large panel of sites blocked for their inappropriate content.

Can we add URLs to filter ?

You can add and release the websites you want to the predefined reference lists for Internet filtering.

How can you be sure that web filtering is working ?

To verify that Internet filtering is working, all you have to do is test the forbidden URL on a device affected by the filtering. An information page will indicate that the searched website is banned.

Can I adjust the web filtering parameters of the tablet remotely ?

Yes, you can adjust the Internet filtering settings for your fleet of tablets from your own device. These will automatically update with changes to settings, even remotely.

What are the different filtering levels for users ?

There are three levels of filtering defined by the administrator : strict, moderate or no filtering. As a result, the user moves through the predefined Internet filtering level.

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