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The tools of the idruide suite support you in your digital project. Manage the services of your public administration in a centralized, simplified and secure way. Our solutions adapt to your needs with different management modes for mobile or still devices: nominative accounts, free access, etc.

Several management modes to define the uses of your tablets

Specific uses for each department
Configure your digital devices to assign them a specific task, such as counting ballots during elections, or evaluating the sanitation of housing by officers from the hygiene department. For example, a municipal officer may take notes and photos which will be sent directly to the department concerned. This mode limits the uses of the tablet to those predefined and saves time for agents.

For shared device use
In self-service mode, users can log into a session for temporary use. Thus, in a media library for example, a subscriber can connect to carry out research. After him, the session expires, leaving the field open to a new user.

Define your needs, we create the use
Our tools adapt to the specific needs of each of your departments. Check the compliance of commercial leases that belong to the city council, respect for the space allocated to exhibitors in markets, monitor children under the responsibility of the youth department (counting at the ice rink, at the leisure center, etc.)… and so many others!

User protection put forward

Carry out your digital project with peace of mind
Web Secure allows you to carry out your digital project in complete security. Students in your schools are protected when they use their school tablets. Our solution works just as well in the classroom as it does at home, and website filtering protects children from shocking or offensive content. For overall protection, your personal data is encrypted and all our tools comply with the GDPR.

idruide’s community suite

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Web Secure
Protect the users by filtering the Internet inside
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Protect the users

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