Use the digital bookstore that centralizes textbooks and keeps everyone up to date.

idruide Manual centralizes all your digital textbooks in a single application. This personalized library saves you time : it makes it easier to find and open a textbook. With Roome, it even lets you open the right book on the right page for everyone at the same time.

One mission : to spend less time looking for my textbook
than learning with my teacher.

A textbook aggregator
Easily find the textbooks available on your digital terminals. Manual allows you to organize them as you wish. It turns into a real digital satchel.
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A large digital library
Access a huge digital bookstore. With more than 4000 references of French textbooks subject to license, all educational fields and all levels are covered, from primary to high school.
Simplified installation of textbooks
Access the digital textbook bookstore in a tap. Manuel facilitates access to previously purchased digital textbooks that the student has already licensed.
Open a textbook at the right page
With Roome's built-in Manual application, you can easily open any educational book instantly on the right page, simultaneously for your entire class.
Create a personal collection
Gain readability on your tablet by creating your own collection of digital instructional manuals for each of your classes. Gather your educational tools in a transversal way, to stick to your different classes, your different levels, and according to your vision.
Available now for free
Download now Available on Android 5 and plus.

We are partners
with all textbook publishers

Biblio Manuels
A digital library of publishers Clé, Nathan, Syros, Bordas, Le Robert, Retz, and Édition mdi. It’s more than 450 digital textbooks compliant with the programs for a more lively educational experience, in the classroom or at home.
An educational digital space from publishers Hachette Education, Hatier, Didier, Foucher and Istra, accessible anywhere and anytime. Whether you are connected or not, in class, at home, on PC, MAC, or tablets, Éducadhoc is the digital educational space that sees far.
Editor of collaborative and innovative textbooks. The first paper and digital textbooks co-created by 3,000 teachers.
Collaborative textbook editor
Editor of collaborative and innovative textbooks. The first paper and digital textbooks co-created by 3,000 teachers.
Lib Manuels
Digital library of publishers Belin Education, Magnard, Delagrave, Vuibert, Lanore and BPI. Your digital textbook library is just a click away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Manuel ?

Manual is a free open-source app that you just need to download from the Google Play Store.

Once the application has been downloaded, how do I access the digital textbooks ?

Once the application is installed on your device, you can easily find textbooks on the same interface, even without an Internet connection. Find the reference of the desired manual by its title, select it and add it to your library.

Can I explore digital textbooks without licenses ?

Digital textbooks are all available subject to a license purchased from an authorized reseller.

Can I open students' digital textbooks remotely ?

If Manual is used within the Roome classroom management application, you can. In this case, the application even allows the teacher to open the digital textbook on the right page for their whole class at the same time.

Does the teacher need training to use the Manual ?

The application is very intuitive so training is not essential.

I need help, is your help desk available ?

If you have any difficulty, you can contact us at [email protected]. Our team is here to assist you and add the desired reference !

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