More and more schools are choosing tablets to support their digital transition. There are several options to do this, namely buying a clean digital fleet or using tablets that belong to the students (BYOD).

But these two different options share the same way of registering in the system that will manage them : the enrollment.

When an establishment receives its equipment or decides to use students’ personal terminals (BYOD), it is necessary to enroll them in the supervision system chosen by the managers of this establishment : MDM, for Mobile Device Management. It is the MDM that will make it possible to manage your digital fleet, which can consist of tablets as well as smartphones, or even computers.

There are several challenges with the enrollment methods, both for the user and the administrator.

For the user
Once the user’s device is enrolled in the MDM which manages the digital fleet of his school, he can find his educational environment on his device. He will then have access to his ENT, to documents shared by the teacher… to everything concerning his educational path.

For the administrator
Once enrollment has been completed, the digital manager can administer his digital fleet. It thus ensures the security of the fleet and therefore of its users, in particular through filters that can be deployed on all devices managed by MDM.

The administrator has control over all enrolled devices, whether they belong to the institution or the user (BYOD). In the latter case, he only manages the educational part under MDM control (even remotely) but does not have access to the user’s private session on the device.

There are several methods to enroll the devices in your fleet. They vary according to the type of material used.

Manual enrollment
The most burdensome method is to manually enroll the devices. This process is time consuming because you have to enroll the hardware tablet by tablet, computer by computer.
But depending on the acquisition methods of the digital fleet, it is possible to simplify the task.

Automatic enrollment
Apple’s DEP
For example, the DEP (Device Enrollment Program) program developed by Apple allows the entire iOS digital fleet to automatically enroll into the Stonehenge MDM. An easier enrollment process and a reduced risk of error.

Zero-touch enrollment by Android
Other programs are available such as Zero-touch Enrollment, which allows compatible hardware (Android 8 or more) to enroll in Stonehenge in a short time and in a simplified manner.
It’s also possible to enroll by QR Code or by DPC Identifier.

AutoPilot by Windows
Windows does the same with Windows Autopilot.

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